Our commitment to your health and safety at Luxe Spa:

At Luxe Spa, the safety and health of both our guests and employees is a top priority and of utmost importance! We have sought out the very best in safe hygiene practices and comply with strict Health Canada regulations so that you can truly relax during your treatments.

We abide by all rules and standards set out by Health Canada, and we take a tremendous amount of pride in providing our clients with the safest and most effective procedures to ensure that each and every visit is a truly amazing experience.

What to expect at Luxe:

All metal and re-usable instruments MUST, by law, be sanitized and disinfected with a medical/hospital grade disinfectant. Whenever possible, we use disposable instruments to ensure your safety. These tools are then immediately disposed of or can be taken home with you after your service.

All tools and instruments used during your service are immediately disinfected and sanitized following each procedure. All re-usable tools are scrubbed vigorously with soap and hot water and then immersed in a Chemosterilant and High Level Disinfectant for medical devices/instruments. All surfaces and stations are completely wiped down and disinfected between each guest and each person is always provided with clean, fresh towels/linens/sheets.

We always take extra precautions during our waxing and sugaring services to ensure the health and well-being of all our guests:

Prior to your service commencing, our highly trained professionals will examine the skin to determine if the skin is healthy and intact. We will not proceed with any service if the skin is broken, infected or irritated. Gloves are ALWAYS worn for all hair removal services and the skin is always cleaned with a skin antiseptic prior to waxing or sugaring.

When applying wax directly to the skin, a single-use disposable applicator is always used. The applicator is NEVER dipped into the wax again and is discarded immediately. Other single-use disposable items such as table paper and wax strips are thrown away after each client and never re-used.

Tweezers used during the hair removal process are immediately cleaned and disinfected using intermediate to high level disinfectant after each client. All linens, towels and sheets are laundered and changed after each appointment. In order to provide you with the safest and very best service possible, we ask that you complete a medical history form on your first visit with us for waxing/sugaring. This will allow your service provider to be aware of any product sensitivities, allergies or medical conditions that may affect your service. We will always ensure that all information is kept completely private and confidential.

Luxe Spa is inspected regularly by a Public Health Inspector from the City Of Ottawa and all inspection reports are made available to the public by calling the City Of Ottawa, Ottawa Public Health at (613)580-6744.

We are extremely proud of our health and safety efforts, and we look forward to taking care of you soon!